Typical regional

We not only rely on our own regional products, but also work closely with regional producers who supply us with fresh food for our seasonal cuisine.

Own bread, jam & spice

We bake according to old tradition in our stone oven. As in the past, the oven is fired with vine wood to create a nice crispy crust.

Around our house we have a large garden with many fruit trees, such as the vineyard peach. In autumn we make our own jam for the breakfast buffet.

In our herb garden, we grow various well-known but also rather rare herbs such as pimpernel or hyssop, which we use in the kitchen for seasoning.

Family owned winery

In our family-owned vineyard, run by master winemaker Otto Minn, we mainly grow Riesling. But white grape varieties such as Pinot Blanc and Müller-Thurgau or red grape varieties, Dornfelder or Pinot Noir also grow well on our slate soils.

In addition to wine, you can also enjoy tangy Saar Riesling sparkling wine, grape juice, wine vinegar, marc, yeast brandy and vineyard peach liqueur at our winery.

→ More information about our winery Otto Minn

Wines of the Southern Moselle

In addition to Saar wines, you will find typical wines from the southern Weinmosel region on our wine list, from the Carlsfelsen winery in Palzem.

Since 1959, the winery in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg has been in its second generation and is run by winemaker Armand Frank. With natural viticulture and selective hand harvesting, he produces youthful wines. His focus is on Burgundy vines, but he also pays attention to the oldest vine, the Elbling, which was already cultivated by the Romans.

→ More informations about our winery Carlsfelsen

Regional trout farm

Our trout come from a side valley of the Saar, the Leukbach valley. The Rosengarten trout farm is located on an area of 6.5 ha with approx. 30 ponds. The trout farm keeps the fish very extensively in near-natural ponds.

In March 2011, the trout farm was certified by the German Institute for Sustainability and has the "Assured Sustainability" certificate.

→Further information on the Rosengarten trout farm

Regional cheese dairy Altfuchshof

On our menu you will find raw milk cheese from the Altfuchshof cheese dairy. The Altfuchshof cheese dairy is located in the middle of the beautiful Saargau landscape. The farm is a traditional family business that is already being run by the sixth generation. In 2011, Silke and Ronny Fuchsen took over the cheese dairy.

In addition to dairy farming, the refinement of milk into the finest cheese specialities was established in 2007.

→ More information about the Altfuchshof in Kahren

Regional family butchery Könen

We obtain our air-dried salami and ham as well as our blood and liver sausage from the Könen family butchery in Saarburg. The ham and sausage specialities come exclusively from our own production. You can also try sausage and salami from the butcher's shop at our breakfast buffet.

Siegfried Könen took over the butcher's shop in 1991. The business was approved as a certified EU business a few years ago. From the beginning, the family has strived to produce all meat and sausage products 100% themselves.

→ Further information on the Könen family butcher's shop in Saarburg


Saarkind is a community of 10 young winegrowers on the Saar who are dedicated to wine and nature. With the Saarkind brand, they want to bring the importance of sustainable action to the fore. In the restaurant we present a monthly changing Saarkind guest winemaker. We also sell SAARKIND products, sustainably produced T-shirts, caps...

→ More informations about Saarkind

Regional farmstead Serrig

Founded as early as 1969, in Serrig since 1984. At Hofgut Serrig, the motto is: "Out of responsibility for people and the environment". The company employs over 75% people with mental or multiple disabilities with the aim of professional and social integration. This is where we get our eggs, which you can also try at breakfast! We also buy our chicken legs there.

→ More informations about the Hofgut Serrig

Regional Honey Manufactory Kastel-Staadt

In 2018, owner Stefan Emmerich started honey production with his first 3 bee colonies. His father, who has over 50 years of experience in honey production, is also behind this. Since then, he has been producing his own individual products, such as the "Schokobienchen" or ginger-turmeric honey, which you can find at our breakfast buffet. You can buy it at the reception.

→ Further information on the Kastel-Staadt honey factory

Hemp from Frank

The high-yield crop offers numerous possibilities for processing: oil, tea, ropes, textiles or paper. The company will start producing hemp oil in 2019, it is 100% extracted from the seeds of THC-free hemp varieties. You can buy this at our reception.

→ More information about Frank's hemp


Ferdinand's White Vermouth is carefully matured in Mosel foudre barrels. This ensures the perfect balance between the acidity and fruitiness of the Riesling and the botanicals of the vineyard. The Royal Prussian forester Ferdinand Geltz is not only the namesake of Vermouth, but also a historically significant co-founder of the VDP Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. Selectively hand-picked Riesling grapes from the Zilliken winery and the craftsmanship of Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar guarantee a high-quality product from the Saar region and stand for the highest drinking pleasure.

→ More informations about Ferdinands White Vermouth

Regional noble brandies

Williams, plum, mirabelle, cherry, apricot, sloe from Irsch. You will find the schnapps on our drinks menu in the restaurant. The Uder distillery in Irsch has been producing fine brandies for over 50 years.

Regional Viez

...is wine made from apples. We get our Viez in fish on the Saargau from the Wacht family. It is grown organically.