Weinhotel Restaurant Klostermühle

Living in the country at Landidyll Hotels & Restaurants

Regionality & Sustainability at the Klostermühle Wine Hotel

Regionality and sustainability play an important role for us. For this reason, we have decided in 2019 that we will join the family of Landidyll Hotels. We are proud to be part of the strong Landidyll community. Landiyll stands for...


Family-run country hotels, in harmony with nature and gastronomy, with a typical regional ambience and an individual atmosphere for each hotel - this is the impressive philosophy that has captivated guests for almost 30 years.


Landidyll is one of the leading three- and four-star hotel cooperations in the most beautiful regions of Germany. All 22 houses are owner-managed family businesses with tradition and their own character. All Landidyll houses are uniquely characterised by their hosts with their own personal strengths and characters. Living in the country! - that is the ideology of Landidyll in a nutshell.


People - whether guests, hosts, employees, business partners or neighbours - always take centre stage. The result is added value, satisfaction, security, reliability and profit for all.


Landidyll stands for an intact environment, well-being and healthy nutrition. The member houses are committed to holistic environmentally conscious management in the hospitality industry. This conscious approach to nature is reflected in the menus: predominantly regional products and traditional seasonal dishes are considered.


All hotels are lovingly furnished and quality is a matter of course for the individual hoteliers. Landidyll considers the 3-star qualification according to the classification of the official country regulations as a minimum requirement. Landidyll is the first hotel cooperation to have an internal quality management system. This corresponds to the official certification Service Quality Germany Level II, supplemented and coordinated with the Landidyll identification and environmental guidelines.